God has blessed JHBC with exceptional men and women in each facet of the school. Quality and gifted personnel compliment a superb faculty of resident and adjunct professors. We thank God for His provision of each one.

Our Administration and Staff:

Don and Bev

Don and Beverly Landis
(President and Nurse)

Scott and Holly

Scott and Holly Austin
(College Dean and Administrator)

Kuhns family

Jared and Annie Kuhns
(Facilities/Kitchen and Store)

Tim Thornton

Tim Thornton
(Men’s Head RA, Ancient Man team)


Wade and Jessica

Wade and Jessica Woodhouse
(Men’s Asst. RA, Maintenance and Social Coordinator)

Sarah Klase

Sarah Klase
(Cook, Women’s Head RA)




Rachel Klase

Rachel Klase
(Assistant Cook)