When did JHBC start?

The ground-work for Jackson Hole Bible College was started in 1997 by Wyoming Mountain Ministries, a local non-profit Christian organization. Late in 1997 the WMM board of directors asked Community Bible Church to carry on the dream of a Bible college in Jackson Hole. The Leadership Council of Community Bible Church provides spiritual oversight for the college.


What majors do you have?

Jackson Hole Bible College offers a one year Diploma in Biblical Foundations. Our only major is Bible, with an emphasis on Biblical creation and discipleship.

JHBC’s one-year program is designed to give students a clear understanding of God’s eternal plan through the timeline of human history beginning with a literal, historical, grammatical and contextual interpretation of Scripture. Foundational belief in a six day solar creation text provides great emphasis on developing our students’ Christian worldview based upon a solid Biblical hermeneutic. Through the popular model of evolution, our enemy is attacking the credibility of the first eleven chapters of Genesis and has set up a huge hurdle for unsaved people who cannot trust solely in Christ. Even within the church, many Christians do not realize that mixing millions of years into the text of God’s Word is a serious attack even on the salvific work of Christ and the nature and character of God.


What’s your mission statement?

Jackson Hole Bible College’s mission is to give a schematic overview of God’s Word in a regular two-semester school year. We desire to teach our students a world-view that will provide a solid foundation for Biblical decision-making throughout every area of life. We wish for our students to be challenged in their academic pursuits but more importantly we desire their spiritual lives to be strengthened and challenged by constant exposure to the never-changing Word of God. We teach our students to defend their faith from a pre-suppositional perspective, which stands squarely upon the Word of God.


Are you accredited?

JHBC is not formally accredited. JHBC strives to maintain its non-formal accreditation  status to retain its right to specifically focus on the Word of God. We know of no other school is the US that has either our focus or curriculum and so it is neither our purpose nor our desire at this time to pursue formal accreditation. We believe doing so would alter our original mission.

Our one year program is a great tool in the foundation of any ministry, job or continuing education. Our students have gone on to be missionaries, pastors, doctors and homemakers. A one-year study of God’s Word is not only applicable for every day living and job experiences, but has everything to do with discipleship, storing up treasures in heaven and bringing God glory in every area of our life. Whether a student takes a year to intensely study God’s Word in a Bible college setting or study on their own is not an option for the believer with regard to developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

“Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.”
2 Timothy 2:15

Our prayer is that our students would become passionate about studying God’s Word and learn to love Christ with all of their heart, soul, mind and strength.


How credible is your faculty?

The percentage of JHBC’s faculty that has an advanced degree is 79 percent. The percentage of faculty that has terminal degrees is 43 percent. The percentage of faculty teaching in the area of their advanced degree’s is 100 percent.


What’s unique about your curriculum?

The nature of JHBC’s curriculum is to teach God’s Word and Biblical Creationism. JHBC takes two field trips during the year, one in the Fall to Mount St. Helens, then one in the Spring to the Grand Canyon to study geology from the perspective of Biblical creationism. While the students are in the classroom, they study God’s Word from the faculty who teach here at the college.

Modular classes allow JHBC students to focus for one or two weeks on a single subject to encourage in-depth study, not only on creation science topics but also normal collegiate level textual studies, enhancing the learning environment. Modular classes allow our students specific one-on-one time with the professor throughout the course of the week. Professors that teach at JHBC are nationally recognized and requested speakers. Conversations with our professors are classrooms in themselves, discipling and answering student’s questions outside of formal lecture times. Classes are Monday-Friday, 9 am-noon; we will sometimes have guest lecturers in the evenings.

Jackson Hole Bible College sets itself apart from other Bible colleges through the field trips that are provided in the scholastic year. JHBC students discover Biblical creation evidence first hand during trips ranging from backpacking in Grand Teton National Park, to views of Mount St. Helens at Johnston Observatory as well as hikes down into the Grand Canyon. Field trips provide opportunities for students to personally see evidences which only reinforce what the Scriptures have said all along regarding the implications of a global flood and catastrophism. The philosophy behind these trips is to provide our students with a solid foundation upon which to take a Biblical stand in this post-modern culture for the glory of God.


What is your schedule like?

The calendar of JHBC is that of a 2 semester year. From the starting date toward the end of August to the start of Thanksgiving break is the first semester. The second semester starts the week after the New Year, and ends in May with the graduation of the students.


Will credits transfer?

The schools that JHBC currently holds credit transfer agreements in writing are:

  • The Masters College
  • Institute for Creation Research
  • Montana Bible College
  • University of Northwestern
  • Emmaus Bible College
  • Arizona Christian University
  • Bryan College
  • Pensacola Christian College

The colleges that will accept JHBC’s credits by attending JHBC are:

  • Cairns University
  • Grace College
  • Northland International University
  • Christian Heritage College
  • Southern California Seminary
  • George Fox University
  • Calvary University
  • Shasta Bible College

We are a recognized school under the United States government’s SEVIS program.


What are your living guidelines for students?

Our goal is not to be list-makers as to what defines holiness. The philosophy of our music and dress guidelines is driven by our understanding of 1 Corinthians 8 and Galatians 5. We are motivated by our love for Christ and love for the brethren more than our demanding of personal liberty. In other words, clothing and music are most likely not going to be “hills to die on” for us.

If there is anything we want to be accused of, it would be falling out too much on the grace side rather than the legalism side.

Here is our Student Handbook: PDF download