Joel Chamberlain

JHBC 2011-2012
Douglas, Wyoming

The “Two Kingdoms” class was very eye-opening and awakening. Getting to know all of the students, staff and professors was a tremendous blessing and learning experience. I have learned much about how to love my neighbors – how to think about them (esteem them), treat them, talk to them, etc.

Eric Hovind’s class was great; I have gained much courage in witnessing to people, Praise God! Making friends who I will appreciate and enjoy forever is priceless! The LORD has blessed me with so many friends this year. The LORD has taught me valuable lessons about trusting Him, His Word, and His faithfulness. Being away from home and family was a huge and new challenge for me. I couldn’t have been in a better atmosphere, however, for riding out the storm and learning to lean on the LORD. Everyone here was so helpful and encouraging to me. I am now confident that I can go wherever the LORD calls me, and do whatever He tells me, in His strength.

It was really great to meet Mr. Ham, an opportunity of a lifetime. I gained much from His presentations.

It has been a real blessing to learn from Pastor Don, he has taught me a boat-load of valuable information. Thank you.

I gained much from the round-table discussions; I really appreciate Mr. Scott’s style and handling of the situations.

Kenton, Josh, Josh and Derrick have been great examples to me of godly men, I really appreciate their faithful service to us students.

This year has definitely been a great time in my life; I have benefited spiritually very much. Thank-you all!

Joseph Waller

JHBC 2011-2012
Sherwood, Arkansas

It is very hard to think of my favorite thing I learned this year so I will just use bullet points to represent some of my favorites:

  • The whole time-line of God’s story – I will never look at the Bible the same way again with the timeline I now have of Scripture.
  • The authority of Scripture – I had always believed that all of the Bible was true but I had never really lived it out like I know how to now. I had never articulated the belief in my head.
  • Creationism – Before attending JHBC I knew creation was true but at the same time I thought it was crazy due to lack of evidence. Now I see evolution for what it is and see creation as the very logical conclusion of what the Bible says considering the physical evidence. I know that evolution is a religion of our time.
  • In one of the Sunday School sessions, Pastor Don spoke on Galatians 5. I had never thought about walking in the Spirit. I use that truth daily.
  • Learning about postmodernism in Apologetics class really opened my eyes. I realized that although I could not previously define postmodernism, it was an influence in my own life.

This whole year at JHBC has been a great experience that has changed my life. I hope to take the knowledge that I have learned here and share it with others for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for everything.