Diploma of Biblical Foundations

Our one-year program emphasizes creation apologetics and a schematic overview of the Bible. Our courses range from Genesis to Revelation, and cultivate a strong biblical worldview.

We schedule our program with a modular teaching format; most courses are 15-20 hours over a single week. As a result of this schedule, we are able to invite many Bible scholars from around the nation to participate in providing an extremely high quality education to our students. We also provide opportunities to study outside of the classroom with five weeks of field trips.

Students receive more than just a biblical education in the one year spent at Jackson Hole Bible College. We are dedicated to truth that is not only learned, but also lived. Dr. Paul Benware remarks, “JHBC provides a theologically safe place for students to carefully study the Scriptures and apply them meaningfully to life. It is a one year experience with a lifetime of results.

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